Rabu, Julai 29, 2009

Some people have such big dreams,
but all I want is to love you,
to wake up beside you

each morning,
to feel the warm
thof your hand in mine,
to share each moment,
good and bad, with you,
to lose myself
in your loving arms.

Some people want so much out of life,
but all I wantis to share
everything with you,
for us to talk longinto the night,
to dream together, and experience

all of the little things together
that makes lifeworth living.

Yes, I have a big dream after all.
And I want so many things.
I want to spend the rest of my life with you.
And I want to give you my love,
and to make our home a place where you always feel warm and welcome,

and for us to have a relationship
in which we accept each other
for who we are and always find

a sweet dream in each other's arms.
All I want is for us to love each other
for therest of our lives.
And I do believe that dreams can come true.

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gud morning teacher..


salam rabu kak nur..

nurdia berkata...

morning nita... hehehhe sabo je arr... hehehe